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With every KMIR bar consumed, the company hopes to reinforce the idea that each person is deserving of holistic goodness.

  • What does KMIR stand for?
    KMIR's is an acronym that stands for "Keep Me In Remembrance." The name represents a powerful statement that serves as a reminder to prioritize self-care in all aspects of life - mental, emotional, and physical. With every KMIR bar consumed, the company hopes to reinforce the idea that each person is deserving of holistic goodness
  • What are Microgreens?
    ■ Microgreens are small, immature plants that are harvested when the first true leaves appear. Nutrient-dense and packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In fact, some studies suggest that they contain higher concentrations of nutrients than their mature counterparts. ■ Potential health benefits: Some studies suggest that microgreens may have potential health benefits, such as improving digestion, reducing inflammation, and lowering the risk of chronic diseases.
  • What are pea shoot microgreens?
    Pea shoot microgreens are young, edible plants that are grown from the seeds of pea plants. These tiny greens are packed with nutrients, such as vitamin C, folate, and antioxidants.
  • What is carob?
    ■ Carob is naturally high in fiber and has no caffeine, it's ideal for people with high blood pressure. The low sugar and fat content also makes it a great dietary addition or chocolate substitution for people looking to lose weight. ■ It is also naturally low in fat and calories
  • What is Lion's Mane?
    It is known for its ability to support brain and nerve health, and is often used as a dietary supplement. It has a unique flavor and texture, which has made it popular in many dishes.
  • What is Psyllium Whole Husk Fiber?
    ■ Psyllium whole husk fiber is an excellent source of soluble fiber, which has been shown to have significant benefits for heart health. Research has indicated that consuming foods rich in soluble fiber, such as psyllium, may help to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. ■ This is because soluble fiber can help to lower cholesterol levels by binding to and removing excess cholesterol from the body. Additionally, soluble fiber may help to regulate blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity, which can also have a positive impact on heart health.
  • Are your bars Vegan?
    No, they do contain honey.
  • Are your mushrooms psychedelic?
    No, our mushrooms are not psychedelic. We only offer mushroom products that are safe and legal to consume
  • What is Restorative Farms?
    ■ A non-profit based in South Dallas, TX which is a self-sustaining, professionally-run farm system (what we call an “agrisystem”) to: grow and sell fresh, local vegetables; build and sell GroBoxes, seedlings, and soil; and provide meaningful jobs as well as farming and entrepreneurial training ■
  • How can I get involved/help?
    Let's have the conversation!
  • Where can I buy?
    Llamaste Yoga and Healing 6517 E. Lancaster Ave Ft. Worth TX 76112
  • Why does it matter?
    With every purchase you are not only getting a quality product but you are supporting a bigger cause. The KMIR Bar is developed by two formerly incarcerated men who are committed to changing the narrative of the formerly incarcerated demographic. So join us on our mission of inspiration, hope and growth for anyone who has ever faced setbacks and aspires to achieve more in life.
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