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Meet Sean, a part owner of KMIR who has a passion for helping others achieve their full potential. Sean's journey to co-founding the company was not an easy one, having also served time in prison for some mistakes he made in his youth. However, during his time incarcerated, Sean discovered the transformative power of self-development and wholesome nutrition.


Determined to help others on their own journey towards growth and transformation, Sean joined forces with Seneca, also an ex-con to start KMIR. Together, they developed a line of health bars that not only nourish the body but serve as a symbol of the growth and transformation that is possible when one takes ownership of their life.


Sean believes that everyone deserves a second chance and that with the right tools and support, anyone can become their best self. He is committed to providing others with the same opportunities he had to turn their lives around and reach their full potential. With a deep understanding of the challenges that come with making positive changes, Sean brings empathy and determination to the table, making him a valuable part owner of KMIR.



Seneca Alma is the founder of The KMIR Experience. Seneca has spent most of his adult life in Federal and State prison. Through his years of existing in such a close-minded environment, he had the unique opportunity to open his own.

Many of the concepts woven through-out KMIR were birthed from Mr. Alma’s many years of incarceration. His workshops, products, fitness camps and lectures are all created to help and impact the lives of those who have got off track in life. KMIR, “Keep Me In Remembrance” is more than a company and non-profit, The KMIR Experience is a culture and way of life.


KMIR's mission is to empower people through self-development and wholesome nutrition. The company was founded by two ex-cons who understand the power of taking radical ownership of their lives and making positive changes. They offer health bars that symbolize such growth and transformation, and believe everyone deserves a second chance to become their best self.



Radical Ownership: We believe in the value of taking massive self accountability and personal inventory of your life for positive changes.

Second Chances: We believe that everyone, yes even you, deserves a second chance and the opportunity to grow and transform.

Perpetual Student: We believe in the idea that we should never stop learning.

Wholesome Nutrition: We believe in providing nutritious, wholesome products that nourish the body.

Community: We believe that we need each other to be better and are committed to supporting our customers in achieving their goals.

Innovation: We believe in creativity, having fun and exploring new possibilities in life, holistic health and new products for our customers.

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